Transform ordinary tap water into purified, cleaner water.

Clean drinking water can help benefit your daily life and health, and a growing number of homeowners want better quality water than they’re getting now. You may be one of them.

A reverse osmosis filter is designed to transform ordinary tap water into purified water by separating and trapping undesirable substances resulting in improved taste. If you are contending with hard water, a water softener can help tackle scale build up on appliances and faucets, dry skin and hair, stiff laundry and more.

From now, until August 31, you can rent a water purification bundle from Reliance™ for as low as $49.98 a month. The bundle includes a reverse osmosis water filter and a water softener.

To learn more, check out our Ultimate Water Purification Guide and Call on Reliance™ for a free consultation and quote.

And remember, the safety and well-being of our customers and team members is always our top priority. We remain committed to following best practices to keep you and our team members safe during every interaction in your home. When you need help you can trust, Call on Reliance™.

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*Offer available to existing customers. Existing customers are entitled to a $5 per month rate discount on the rental of each of a new water softener and reverse osmosis system for so long as they maintain their existing rental or protection plan service in good standing. (Reliance’s regular monthly rental rate for the Water Purification bundle consisting of a water softener and reverse osmosis system is $59.98 plus applicable taxes for 84 months.) Subject to standard terms and conditions. This offer is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Not available in all areas. Contact us for details.