Upgrade to a water purification system and enjoy cleaner, purer water!

From cooking and cleaning to bathing and drinking, having access to cleaner, purer, better tasting water benefits the entire family.

The right water purification system can help improve the taste, clarity and purity of your home’s water supply. Plus, you can reduce your plastic water bottle consumption with cleaner, more refreshing water from your own tap.

If you are contending with hard water, the right water softener can help tackle scale build up on appliances and faucets, dry skin and hair, stiff laundry and more.

Right now, until June 29, you can rent a water purification solution from Reliance™ and make no monthly rental payments for 4 months*!

Discover our line of water purification solutions including whole house water filters, reverse-osmosis systems and water softeners that can help:

  • Improve the taste and odour of your tap water and reduce the concentration of chlorine and other contaminants in your home’s water supply.
  • Eliminate or reduce the appearance of hard water soap scum and scale build-up that can affect your faucets and fixtures and lead to dry skin and hair.

So don’t wait! Claim this offer and upgrade your water supply. Fill out the form to book your free, no obligation consultation and a free quote.

The safety and well-being of our customers and team members is always our top priority. We remain committed to following best practices to keep you and our team members safe during every interaction in your home. When you need help you can trust, Call on Reliance™.

*This promotion is only available in select areas to new water purification customers and excludes Builders and Commercial applications. Rent a water softener, chlorine filters or reverse osmosis system and a credit of 120 days of rental payments, excluding tax will be credited to the customer’s account. Subject to standard terms and conditions. This offer is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Click here to learn more about water purification products. Promotional offer expires on June 29, 2021. Contact us for details.