Rent and Relax™ – with hot water and Smart Home convenience!

Looking to upgrade your home this spring? Reliance™ makes it easy.

With a local team of expert technicians we can help you choose the perfect water heater based on your budget, your home’s access to utilities and your family’s daily hot water needs. Plus, our wide selection of the industry’s leading Smart Home solutions makes it as easy as possible to keep your home comfortable and secure.

From now, until June 30, make no monthly payments for up to 6 months on a featured Water Heater when you add a Smart Home Rental Bundle.*

This offer ends June 30 so don’t wait! Fill out the form to book your free no obligation consultation and to receive a free quote.

*This promotion is only available in select areas to new residential water heater customers (excluding Builders and Commercial customers) and new Smart Home Bundle rental customers. Rent a new natural gas (Conventional, Power Vent, Power Direct Vent, or Tankless) water heater and receive a credit of up to 180 days of rental payments (90 days on all Conventional tank models, and 180 days on all Power Vent, Power Direct Vent, or Tankless models), excluding tax, on your water heater account when you also rent a smart home rental bundle having a monthly rental rate of at least $19.99. Minimum rental period for Smart Home products is 60 months. Purchase price of $1 available following minimum rental period for Smart Home products. Subject to rental terms and conditions. Offer expires on June 30, 2022. Contact us for details.