As we all prepare to spend more time indoors after a fabulous summer, it’s the perfect time to ensure our homes are ready to keep us comfortable and safe for the cooler – and inevitably colder – weather ahead.

The RelianceTM Fall Home Checklist is designed to cross every T and dot every I before winter weather hits. Is your home ready?

1. Cover your AC condenser
Covering your air conditioner can protect it from winter debris like ice, sticks and branches, as well as water that can rest on your coils and freeze. Consider leaving part of the coil exposed so air continues to circulate.

2. Clean your gutters
It’s essential to keep gutters and eavestroughs clean and clear of debris. This can prevent water damage, ice dams and the build-up of potentially hazardous icicles.

3. Schedule maintenance on your furnace
September 25th is Tune-Up Day! A furnace tune-up from a Reliance™ specialist is the surest way to keep your home warm and comfortable all fall and winter long. Thorough servicing can help identify potential costly breakdowns and keep your furnace working safely and at peak efficiency. Contact us today to book an appointment.

4. Drain and shut off your outdoor hose
Water left in pipes can freeze and burst so it’s important to disconnect your garden hose and drain any water from the outside bib.

5. Test and replace batteries
Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save your life and the lives of your family members. Replace their batteries and make sure they’re functioning properly.

6. Check if it’s time to replace air filters
Ensuring your heating and cooling equipment’s air filters are clean keeps your system working properly, your energy bills lower and your indoor air quality at its best. If you haven’t replaced your filters in more than six weeks, it may be time to do so.

7. Trim landscaping around your home
Trees that grow too close to your home or power lines can cause damage due to ice buildup or heavy winds. Trim soon, before the rain and snow arrive.

8. Put away your patio furniture
To make sure your outdoor furniture lasts, store it away before winter hits, or cover it with a tarp that’s tied securely so it doesn’t blow away.


Your comfort is important to us. If you’d like a quote on any products and services Reliance offers, our Advisors will take the time and care you need to ensure you find the solution that works best for you and your family.

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