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Environmental Sustainability

At Reliance™, we believe that we have an obligation—to our team members, our customers, our
communities, and to the environment—to operate in a sustainable manner.

We are committed to driving business growth with positive change. The following three initiatives are leading the drive for sustainable change at Reliance:

Hybrid Electric Service Vehicle

As part of a pilot program, we’ve retrofitted six of our service vehicles with XL Hybrid Systems. These systems use electricity to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, the lead contributor to global warming and climate change.

Paperless Billing

Receiving monthly statements in your inbox is quick, easy and paper-free. We’re encouraging our customers to switch to paperless billing to reduce CO2 emissions and paper consumption involved in delivering bills to their homes. While we continue to transition customers to paperless billing, we’ve partnered with Tree Canada © to plant 1,000 trees in areas affected by natural disasters to offset our billing paper consumption.

Switch to paperless billing here.

Waste Reduction

We’ve eliminated single-use cups, lids, and cutlery at our branch offices to reduce the amount of waste we consume. We’ve replaced paper cups with ceramic mugs for our team members to enjoy their favourite hot beverages. This small step will divert approximately 65,000 cups from landfills per year.

The push for sustainable practice at Reliance does not stop here. We continue to listen and address the issues our customers, team members and communities care most about. Together, we’re building a sustainability plan to reduce our impact on the environment, and build a cleaner tomorrow.