Electricity. What would we do without it? It helps keep us warm in winter, it lights our way in darkness, and it helps us connect to the world through our TVs and computers. It’s indispensable to our modern lives but it can also be dangerous.

In most cases however, some basic knowledge about electrical safety can go a long way to keeping us all safe. Here are five tips you should always follow:

  1. Don’t leave wiring exposed: Damaged power cords and wiring that’s been stripped away are dangerous. Always replace them.
  2. Don’t overload outlets: Plugging in too many devices into an outlet can start a fire.
  3. Avoid extension cords: They may come in handy but lots of cords running along your floors or in high-traffic walking areas are a recipe for tripping. Extension cords are meant for temporary use; if your rooms aren’t equipped with enough outlets, consider hiring an electrician to install additional ones.
  4. Avoid water: Water is a good conductor of electricity so even a little water can lead to serious injuries. Ensure any plugs located near a water source are ground fault circuit protected, designed to protect one against an electrical shock.
  5. Protect your kids: Install tamper-resistant plugs or install safety caps on outlets, and make sure not to leave any loose electrical cords lying around where kids can pull on them or hurt themselves.

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